Changing Young Lives Through Reading

Program Brief Need to Read Program


Low literacy among children is one of the most extraordinary challenges facing our nation. The N2R program has created a pilot program aimed at increasing pre-reading literacy skills to combat childhood low literacy.

 The N2R program inspires and informs parents to prioritize pre-literacy reading behavior by providing book bundle gifts to families that match the age and stage of their children. These books stay in the homes and are owned by the family. Volunteer staff, the N2R website, social media, and newsletter will provide regular updates regarding reading resources and educate parents on the importance of early reading skills.  We plan to teach families how to access resources for enhancing reading skills in their young children.

 Relationships with community organizations, publishing companies educational institutions, and the business community are currently being developed. Data tracking and business systems are being sourced to support donor fund accounting, budgeting and administrative expenses.

 Our community partnership programs will also include:

-Building early learning reading centers to help children gain pre-reading and reading skills.
-Weekly Story-Time programs
-Dedicated volunteers will facilitate weekly story times  for children in reading centers and nurseries.
-Developing and training on navigating digital reading portals and instructions to participating families.
-Provide free, bundled reading books to families to encourage an enriching reading environment for their Pre-K children.

Whenever children gather, they will experience the joy of reading.

N2R has set up the first reading center and initiated a book donation campaign through its first   site partner, Rejoice in the Lord Ministries.  A national publishing company has already donated more than six hundred books to assist in setting up the reading center. (The first reading center has over 1200 titles) Volunteers have been enlisted for the Story-Time and home visit programs. Our second partner was First Baptist Church Orlando. They invested in the purchase of books and helped with volunteers and resources to facilitate the first five thousand book giveaway and block party.


Community organizations will serve as distribution centers. A list of individual “Book Bundle” books will be made available to donors who want to gift books of their choosing to N2R. The bundles will be available to purchase on our website or by utilizing our order forms.  Demographic market data is available that allows us to personally invite (through home visits and direct mail) families to participate in the N2R program.

N2R will also target child care centers in underserved areas to reach our targeted households. Families in need will receive information specifying where they can pick up their free book bundles. In addition, parents will receive training and information about the best reading protocols for their children.

 The N2R program is different from other charitable organizations in three ways:

  1. There are very few organizations that solely address the need for pre-reading literacy skills.

  2. Most early reading programs focus on children attending Kindergarten and Elementary. N2R focuses on children 5 years of age and younger, their parents and their need to be exposed to reading at an early age.

  3. Community volunteer involvement in canvasing the community to reach local households is central to N2R’s success model.